Welcome to Kandu, we are Shachar, Yaniv, Edan (that's him in the photo above) and Daniel - mostly musicians, instrument makers and more.


When we've not hand-crafting our cajóns, Shachar can be found playing bass in flamenco-fusion and cross-over ethnic bands (or building awesome basses), Yaniv plays guitar in a folk/world-music brother & sister duo, and Edan is an upcoming percussionist who also runs his own inde recording studio. Beyond building our international operations, Daniel's also a filmmaker and writer (he produced our movie and wrote this website). 


Now, as we launch the next step of the adventure, we thought to share our story.


We began the Kandu groove almost five years ago, creating our first cajón for Abe Doron, a good friend and former drummer on Riverdance world tour. Since then, Kandu has grown from a backroom idea into being a world leading cajón maker.


Well received, we developed four lines of original instruments that became popular in specialist music shops. Through them our cajóns found their way into the hands of many top local and international musicians. Today, Kandu cajóns are played by leading percussionists all around the world (for more see Our Musicians).






















We live and work in the Galilee of Israel, in a tiny village of 115 families called Ma'ale Zvia (picture above).  The Galilee is a very mixed Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze Arab area.  It's also really beautiful so see yourselves warmly invited to visit.


As this raises questions in some people's minds, we thought to answer them at least in brief, here.  We are a non-political business built by guys who believe that peace, mutual respect and co-existence are the only ways forward for all human-kind (time for us to stop being a race, don't you think).

We try to promote peace at an inter-personal level and through our lives and our music. And no - we don't have any connections with and neither do we support activities in the Territories - or with terrorists! 


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Ma'ale Zvia, Galilee, Israel 20129


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